Solutions for Card Issuers

Our white-label products enable issuing banks to drive more card adoption to existing businesses, attract new clients and benefit from a significant reduction in call center volume.

Our unique mobile-first solution incorporates frictionless customers on-boarding, user-friendly card management, advanced analytics and conversational AI.

Support for Multiple Card Program Categories

Business Cards

Cards designed to meet the needs of small businesses

Virtual Cards

Digital payment solution for individual purchases.

Corporate Cards

Cards used by employees across multiple categories – travel, entertainment and supplies.

Corporate Charge Cards

Cards designed to manage employee travel and entertainment expenses.

Corporate Purchasing Cards

Cards used by employees to procure goods or services, or embedded with key suppliers

Travel & Entertainment Cards

Cards designed to make payments to Travel Management Companies.

Key Benefits of Our Solution

Increased commercial card adoption and spend

Grow your card portfolio through our white-labeled products customized for your needs

Scale to the speed and volume of your businesses

Our platform works with all major processors, and is modular and extensible to meet the scale of your business.

Security and Compliance

Robust tools that aid in audit, policy and compliance

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Simple and easy to use app complements customer touch points

Reduced Operating Costs

Self-service interaction leads to reduction in call center volume