For Businesses

Control Spend Without Making Your Employees Jump Through Hoops

Issue Virtual & Physical Cards With Spend Controls


Easy to issue and manage. Easy for employees to use. Get virtual or physical cards in employees’ hands fast with greater visibility and control over spend.

Anywhere Access


When the power of payments, requests and approvals goes everywhere. Everything gets faster. Our native app lives virtually across any device, allowing everything to happen in the moment.

Automate Expense Reports, Receipt Capture & Validation


Ease of use, fast payment, immediate approvals — it means a better life for employees and vendors — better control of cards, spend and budgets, plus the visibility to make informed decisions in real time.

Create Sophisticated Workflows, Manage Access, GL’s/ Cost Centers


Usability, empowerment, real-time results — all ready to seamlessly integrate and scale for organizations of all shapes and sizes. See the unique UI, agility and functionality that makes SpendLabs profoundly different.